How Microsoft 365 apps work with Haystack

Combine the Microsoft 365 tools your team loves and relies on with all your other institutional knowledge and resources in a single, searchable source of truth. Embed documents shared in OneDrive directly in your Haystack content.

See this Integration in Action
Write together with Word.
Search across all the Word documents you have access to, and embed them into your Haystack content in just a few clicks.
Harness the power of PowerPoint.
Bring your presentations and visual aids directly into Haystack so attendees can get a preview and colleagues who couldn't attend can catch up.
Measure and report with Excel.
Find your most important Excel files in seconds with Smart search and embed your Excel docs into Haystack posts and updates.
Stay connected with Sharepoint.
Haystack doesn't compete with your Sharepoint instance—with the Microsoft 365 integrations enabled, it supercharges it.
Collaborate Creatively in OneNote.
Bring your OneNote docs directly into Haystack so your team can continue collaborating on them together. Find your OneNote docs easily with smart search.
Organize with the Outlook Calendar.
Ensure the whole audience attends your most important company events with Haystack's Microsoft Outlook integration.
Coming Soon

Google Drive

Bring your Google Drive content to the Haystack experience.

Coming Soon


Streamline user management and enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta.

User Management
Coming Soon

Microsoft Teams

Bring the best of Haystack to Microsoft Teams in a powerful two-way integration.

Coming Soon

Microsoft OneDrive

Search across and embed your team’s OneDrive documents.