Best ROI for Employee Intranets Spring 2024

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Armed with expert guidance, no-code customization, integrated toolkit - setup is easier than you think.

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While the layout of our internal Haystack account is sleek and easy to understand, sometimes time is of the essence, so being able to search for keywords that'll direct me right to where I need to go is super helpful.
Maritza Bocks

Key Benefits

Maximize ROI
Haystack was awarded the Best ROI for Modern Intranet & Employee Comms tools and boasts an industry leading return on investment.
No-Code Upkeep
Democratize access to your workspace and prevent IT from solely carrying the burden. Configure your workspace with just a few clicks.
Connect Essential Apps
No cold starts here. With purpose-built connectors to your favorite applications, Haystack makes integration seamless from day one.
Unlimited Expert Support
We don't nickel and dime by the hour. Your success is our success - Haystack is your partner through it all.
Resource Migration
Migrate resources from your legacy intranet directly into Haystack.
Maintain Content Freshness
Haystack's Freshness Engine allows organizations to put information governance on auto-pilot.

A Better Experience Awaits

Transition to Haystack easily with our seamless process. Say goodbye to outdated systems and hello to efficiency.

Award Winning Partnership

Create a tailored action plan to achieve results. Collaborate with top-tier companies on best practices and enjoy dedicated, premium, and unlimited award-winning support.

Tailored action plans for success
Collaborate on industry best practices
Dedicated, premium, and unlimited support

Connect Existing Tools

Don't start from scratch—bring over your most popular resources and apps. Respect permissions and visibility while creating an engaging workspace quickly.

Designed for Microsoft Office & Google Workspace
Secure and permission-conscious integrations
Manage users with Workday, Okta, Azure, or by CSV

Access Expert Guidance

We don’t charge by the hour or meeting. Enjoy unlimited premium support from a dedicated expert team known for creating highly engaging workspaces.

Unlimited premium support with a dedicated team
No hourly or meeting-based charges
Experts in creating highly engaging workspaces

Using Haystack for Intranet Replacements

Freshness Engine

AI Content Creation

Custom Domain

Customizable Dashboard

Custom Navigation

Detailed Analytics

Customer Stories

Haystack Overview

Discover how Haystack empowers organizations in your industry to tackle unique challenges, offering insights from peers on achieving remarkable outcomes.