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Effortlessly define common terminology and enhance communication across your organization with Haystack Glossary.

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The need is especially acute for work-at-home staff. Nearly 70% of hybrid and remote workers reported feeling left out due to overuse of jargon, whereas only a little more than half of onsite counterparts felt the same, the survey showed. The sentiment was echoed by new employees and workers from non-English speaking households.
Define Company Lingo
Employees can swiftly comprehend company-specific terms, boosting their productivity and confidence.
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Promotes clear and effective communication across different departments and teams, minimizing misunderstandings.
New Hire Cheatcode
New hires quickly acclimate to the organization’s terminology, leading to faster integration and contribution.
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Easily clarify common terminology and improve communication throughout your organization with Haystack Glossary.

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From acronyms to jargon, Haystack Glossary makes it simple for people to share the language that drives their work, instantly.

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Haystack Glossary works where you do. Get the context you need for better communication instantly while you browse your Haystack workspace.

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Add depth to your organizational knowledge in seconds with Haystack Glossary's term packs. From healthcare to finance, remote work to crypto, Haystack glossary has term packs to bring you up to speed.

Import term packs quickly
Cover diverse industry-specific terms
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