G2 Winter Reports - A Note from Our Founder & CEO, Cameron Lindsay

I'm thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Haystack – this winter, we earned another #1 spot in G2’s Winter 2024 Employee Intranet Rankings!

Above all others in the category, users recognized Haystack as the employee intranet with the Best Results for the second season in a row. This achievement is a testament to the incredible impact and value our platform continues to deliver.

A massive thank you to all our customers and users. Your trust, feedback, and dedication to building an exceptional digital employee experience made this achievement possible. Your support is the cornerstone of our success.

As we close out 2023, we're celebrating our back-to-back top rankings, but also some specific data points that illustrate Haystack’s dedication to delivering value to customers.

Our platform has shown a remarkable 7-month payback period, which is less than half the category average of 17 months. This demonstrates the strong return on investment Haystack offers, emphasizing our commitment to providing a powerful and financially beneficial solution for your business. Those results helped win us the Best ROI Badge in the Winter 2024 report.

Haystack also achieved an impressive 86% adoption rate, well beyond  the 70% category average. This exceptional level of engagement reflects our platform's user-friendliness and its effectiveness in enhancing workplace communication and collaboration.

Since the start, Haystack has been a product-led organization committed to redefining what an intranet can and will become. This result is especially meaningful for all the product team members here, who thoughtfully craft every pixel of our product, and our customer success team members, who work closely with customers to craft exceptional digital employee experiences.

As we look forward to 2024, our excitement is driven by more than our past successes. We are preparing to introduce new products and features that promise to drive further value for our customer. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come, and cannot wait to share with you all what we have in store for next year.

If you’re new to Haystack and are interested in learning how your team could benefit from a modern, intuitive employee intranet, watch our platform overview and see why folks voted us #1 in back-to-back reports.

Ready to take the next step toward building a stronger digital employee experience?

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