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Reach anyone or everyone in your organization with critical information when it matters most with Emergency Alerts.

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A big concern for leadership before Haystack was whether or not people were reading or receiving important communications. Now, we can see exactly how many people have logged in and seen a message, and resend it to those who haven't seen it.
Mickey DeJong
Ally Logistics
No Wifi, No Problem
Critical moments require critical comms. Send targeted SMS text messages to employees when it matters most.
Targeted Comms
Draft quickly, send confidently, and rest assured your message was recieved.
Track Reads
See all your delivery and response rates in one single console.
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"The best Intranet tool I've ever used!"

Courtney M. Sr. Director, Brand and Content
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Critical Comms Made Easy

Reach your team with essential information immediately when it counts the most with our Emergency Alerts feature.

Rapid Response Messaging

Instantly create and dispatch precise, targeted communications with Haystack's intuitive messaging interface. Ensure the right people receive the right information promptly, enabling swift action in urgent situations.

Create and send targeted text messages quickly
Ensure timely delivery to the right recipients
Empower swift action in emergencies

No Wifi, No Problem

Stay connected even in the most challenging environments. Haystack's Emergency Alerts function seamlessly without WiFi, using alternative data connections to ensure critical messages reach your team anywhere, anytime.

Operate without WiFi using alternative data connections
Ensure message delivery in any environment
Trusted by first-response teams worldwide

Insightful Analytics

Measure the impact and reach of your emergency communications with Haystack's comprehensive analytics. Gain insights into delivery success rates and engagement levels, enabling continuous improvement of your crisis response strategies.

Track delivery success rates
Monitor engagement levels
Improve crisis response strategies

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Natural Disaster Alerts

Health and Safety Warnings

IT Security Breaches

Open Enrollment Reminders

Critical Business Updates

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