Share a Unified Knowledge Base

Create, verify, and locate key information with a centralized knowledge base you're employees will love.

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Having one location for all you need to know and do in your day-to-day work just saves so much time and effort. Employees get more time to focus on our mission, the customer, and their experience—and for that, Haystack has been incredible.
Kayla Bonnin

Display, Discover & Distribute

Make key information accessible and discoverable on any device. Create, store, and share your files all in one place.
Detailed Analytics
Track the usage and health of your most important content and resources anytime with Haystack's analytics suite, ensuring your intranet remains effective and relevant.
Freshness Engine
Manage content at scale with configurable expiration dates. Keep employee handbooks and annually updated resources fresh and accurate, maintaining a clean workspace.
Connected Apps
Integrate and streamline your knowledge base by connecting frequently used applications. Securely embed content and search across everything with enterprise search.
Flexible Editor
Captivate your coworkers with rich, engaging communications using Haystack’s user-friendly editor, no matter where they are located.
Minimize ambiguity with Haystack's company glossary. Enhance clarity and understanding by defining key concepts and terms for effective communication and collaboration.
Enterprise Search
Connect your team to the information they need with Haystack’s smart search. Transform siloed information into a consolidated, easily accessible experience.
Rated #1 on G2 for enterprise search

Redefine Your Employee Experience

An intranet is only helpful when employees use it. That's why we're proud to earn acclaim from end users and admins alike.

Highlight Vital Resources

Quick access to information significantly impacts efficiency and employee experience. Haystack connects your workforce to the knowledge they need to succeed, whether remote, hybrid, or in-office.

Use broadcast mode for urgent information
Securely connect third-party applications
Build advanced layouts with our no-code editor

Unify Your Sources

Integrate and streamline your knowledge base by connecting your most used applications. Securely embed content directly, avoid managing multiple sources of truth, and search across everything with enterprise search.

Securely connect live-updating content
Maintain a single source of truth
Enterprise search across all content

Set Expiration Dates

Manage content at scale and configure expiration dates on key items to ensure a clean workspace. Make sure your employee handbooks and annually updated resources stay fresh and accurate.

Prompt timely reviews and updates
Ensure relevance and reliability
Manage accurate compliance-required materials

Demystify Jargon

Every organization has its own way of defining concepts. Haystack's company glossary minimizes ambiguity, helping everyone communicate and collaborate more effectively. Enhance clarity and understanding across your team with our comprehensive glossary.

Define pesky terms for new hires
Improve communication & alignment
Reduce ambiguity

Search Everything

Connect your team to the info they need, no matter where it lives. Haystack’s smart search and integrations transform siloed information into a consolidated experience.

Rated #1 for Enterprise Search by G2
Break down information silos
Google AI Search add-on coming Fall 2024
#1 Rated Intranet for Results

"When in doubt, check Haystack"

Tony Kihl, Consultant & Leader

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