Share a unified knowledge base.

Create, verify, connect, and locate key information. Haystack’s knowledge base tools bring the best of your favorite resources to one centralized, secure experience.

Highlight and promote important information.

For remote, hybrid, and in-office teams, quick access to information can have an extraordinary impact on everything from efficiency and employee experience. Haystack makes it easy to connect your workforce to the knowledge they need to succeed.

  • Break through notification preferences with urgent information using broadcast mode.
  • Promote new and important posts in a prominent rotating carousel.
  • Highlight featured company resources for easy access right in the dashboard.

Curate and endorse key company knowledge.

Organize knowledge across your organization so information is easily accessible to the people who need it most.

  • Confirm the accuracy of company resources as a subject matter expert with a 'Verified' checkmark.
  • Track information freshness over time to ensure accuracy.
  • Ensure the right information is shared with the appropriate audience with easily managed posting and viewing permissions.

Connect your go-to collaboration tools.

Connect your team to the info they need, no matter where it lives. Haystack’s smart search and integrations help transform siloed information into a consolidated experience.

  • Embed media from your favorite workplace tools, like Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Search across people, posts, resources, events, and even apps like Google Drive, Confluence, and OneDrive.

Develop a common lexicon.

Every organization has a unique way of defining concepts. Haystack includes a company glossary to minimize ambiguity and help everyone in your organization communicate and collaborate more effectively.

It was a building block for the team and our entire Internal Communications strategy.
Kayla Bonnin
Senior Manager, Brand & 
Internal Communications
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“Within the first week we were over 70% adoption, which is outstanding.”
Tony Kihl
Internal Communications
Leader & Consultant
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Since I started, the progress has been shocking. The amount of updates has been more than I ever imagined.
Natalie Fernandez
Internal Communications Manager
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We're still in the early days of bringing everything into Haystack, but it's already exciting.
Rex Mann
Customer Success Manager
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Haystack was able to help us solve for "who do I talk to" just as much as "where do I go?"
Ben Hall
Digital Experience Director
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The Glossary is huge. Especially in the world of healthcare, there are so many acronyms and specialized terms.
Paul LoPresto
Director of Business Operations
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