Designed To Keep Internal Comms Internal

Haystack's Secure Delivery protects sensitive company communications so you can share more vital information with confidence.

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We take security and privacy very seriously, so having some of the controls that Haystack offers, like Secure Delivery, became of much higher importance.
Sara Colvin
Communicate with Confidence
Internal comms teams can ensure timing is perfect, keeping vital information private until it's strategically advantageous to disclose, sharing with confidence.
Enhanced Confidentiality
Securely transmit sensitive information, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access, which protects against leaks and unauthorized viewing.
Controlled Communication
Manage who receives critical updates, maintaining the integrity of internal communications and preventing miscommunication.
#1 Rated Intranet for Results

"The best Intranet tool I've ever used!"

Courtney M. Sr. Director, Brand and Content
Computer Software Industry

Fortify Internal Comms

Secure Delivery is Haystack’s love letter to Internal Communications teams. Relay vital information confidentially and securely with ease. Here’s how Secure Delivery helps you achieve that.

Require Authentication

Announcements sent with Secure Delivery require viewers to authenticate before viewing. Haystack integrates with popular SSO tools, ensuring a seamless login experience.

Force re-authentication via SSO
Prevent leaks of critical communications
Send securely on Teams, Slack, Email, & more

Prevent Copy & Pasting

With Haystack, communicate transparently while ensuring information cannot be copy/pasted. Configure settings to match the sensitivity of your news and protect your content.

Turn on/off employee unique watermarking
Disable commenting and reactions
Control sharing and copying permissions

Track Message Reach

Track who read your communications and where, on a per-viewer level. Remind those who haven't read yet and compare the performance of important messages with other news.

Monitor reader activity and engagement
Send reminders to unread recipients
Analyze trends and compare with other news

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