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Human Resources

Human Resources

Scaling culture, accelerating onboarding, and ensuring quick resource access is crucial. Haystack enhances these processes, fostering a vibrant company culture.

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Key Benefits

Accelerate Onboarding
Haystack streamlines the onboarding process, enabling new hires to become productive faster by providing easy access to training materials and essential resources.
Scale Culture
As your organization grows, Haystack helps maintain and cultivate a consistent company culture, ensuring that core values and practices are integrated across all levels.
Resource Accessibility
Ensures that all employees have quick and easy access to HR resources and support, improving overall satisfaction and reducing frustration with administrative processes.
We implemented Haystack about 6 months ago, and it has become something we now use daily.
Sean Tierney

Haystack was designed for

Human Resources

Haystack brings the tools and information you rely on most to an intuitive, centralized workspace.

Simplify Open Enrollment

Make important announcements actionable and alert your employees in their workflow. Mark critical communications as must-read and broadcast them via Slack, Teams, email, text, and more.

Handle open enrollment seamlessly
Use text alerts to remind employees of deadlines
Increase enrollment rates with multi-channel notifications

Drive Culture

Excite employees with consumer-grade features that enhance your company culture. Use the company glossary, play the Name Game to put faces to names, and view an employee map to see your global presence. Enjoy customized branding and celebrate with personalized birthday modals.

Customize branding and celebrations
Foster a connected workplace
Strengthen global team awareness

Drive ERG Adoption

Provide Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with a dedicated space to share important information, news, and upcoming events. Foster engagement and support by highlighting their initiatives and activities within the company.

Configure advanced permissions per group
Link groups to Teams and Slack channels
Customize each page to reflect your ERGs
Secure Delivery
Simplify intranet governance with content expiration dates and freshness reminders.
Freshness Engine
Simplify intranet governance with content expiration dates and freshness reminders.
Mark as Must-Read
Mark vital messages as "must read" and require users to confirm they've read them.
#1 Rated Intranet for Results

"The best Intranet tool I've ever used!"

Courtney M. Sr. Director, Brand and Content
Computer Software Industry

Common Human Resources Use Cases

Explore some of the most common Human Resources use cases for the Haystack platform.

Bring Employees Together

Build a Vibrant Culture

Recognize Your Employees

Streamline Employee Onboarding

Understand Employee Sentiment

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