Our Vision for the Employee Experience

Haystack gives People Operations and HR teams a powerful set of tools to help local, hybrid, and remote employees build more rewarding relationships with their organization and their peers.
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We're on a mission to make big companies feel smaller.

Whether in-person or online, organizational culture is now shaped through virtual platforms, rather than physical spaces. Haystack empowers you to enhance connections and foster inspiration among leaders and employees.

Keep everyone engaged by facilitating transparent communication, providing personalized information effortlessly, and enabling collective celebrations of accomplishments.

Haystack offers a cost-effective intranet solution that provides immense value without breaking the bank.
Tangible Value
Haystack delivers tangible benefits that positively impact organizations, showcasing the clear value of having an intranet.
Haystack is user-friendly, easy to implement, and easy to manage, ensuring a seamless experience for organizations.
Change Management
Haystack helps organizations manage change by offering a smooth transition process and highlighting the advantages of adopting an intranet.
Robust Security
Haystack prioritizes the security and privacy of company data, ensuring a high level of protection against potential breaches or unauthorized access.
Easy Setup and Management
Haystack caters to organizations without extensive technical expertise, providing a user-friendly platform that can be easily managed by teams of all skill levels.
Consumer-Grade Design
With a sleek and intuitive user interface, Haystack enhances user experience, making it easy for employees to navigate and utilize the intranet effectively.
Seamless Integrations
Haystack seamlessly integrates with existing software systems, allowing organizations to leverage their current tools while enjoying the benefits of an efficient intranet solution.
The Intranet Buyer's Handbook
A simple, actionable guide to help streamline your team's intranet purchase process.
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Making a Business Case for Your New Intranet
Identify key stakeholders, earn their buy-in, and communicate bottom-line impact.
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What Is an Intranet?
What is an intranet? How has it evolved, and most importantly, what will it become?
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