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Haystack has been essential for promoting consistency [...] If it's not on Haystack, it doesn't exist. It's our source of truth and guidance. If you need an answer, Haystack is where you start.
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Key Benefits

Strengthen Team Bonds
Strengthen connections by broadcasting your vision and values, enhancing the bond between leaders and teams.
Empower Managers with Timely Alerts
Empower managers with timely alerts to remember direct reports' birthdays and work anniversaries.
Assess Engagement Needs
Leverage a suite of dynamic tools to continuously assess and boost engagement, providing tailored insights.
Encourage Peer Recognition
Foster a culture of recognition with customizable digital badges and peer-to-peer shoutouts - all linked to company values.
Detailed Analytics
Gain deep insights from detailed analytics to understand engagement drivers within your workspace.
Industry Leading Engagement
Experience superior engagement with Haystack, proven by surveys to surpass competitors by nearly 15%.

Elevate Your Company Culture

Haystack connects your entire workforce, unlocking higher employee engagement, improved retention, and greater productivity.

Engage Without Distraction

Haystack elevates engagement across your organization with social features that balance interaction and efficiency. With consumer-grade DNA from Google and Snapchat alumni, our platform ensures industry-leading user adoption and world-class results.

Award-winning, easy-to-use design
Designed to delight, not distract
Put faces to names with The Name Game

Create Engaging Events

Drive attendance rates for your most important events. Create custom RSVP forms, manage and message attendees, and sync with your calendar apps effortlessly.

Custom RSVP forms
Manage and message attendees at scale
Sync with Google Calendar & Outlook

Industry Leading User Adoption

Haystack elevates engagement across your organization. With expertise from Google and early Snapchat alumni, our platform ensures top user adoption, balancing social interaction and professional efficiency.

Award winning, easy-to-use design
Designed to delight, not distract
Put faces to names with The Name Game

Using Haystack for Employee Engagement

Polls & Surveys

Digital Badges

Celebration Alerts

Customizable Dashboard

Detailed Analytics

Employee Advocacy

Customer Stories

Haystack Overview

Discover how Haystack empowers organizations in your industry to tackle unique challenges, offering insights from peers on achieving remarkable outcomes.