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Unlock organizational intelligence with just a few keystrokes. Built in collaboration with Google Cloud by Google alums with over a decade of world class search experiences.

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Haystack is so easy to use and allows me to find important/valuable company info without the hassle of having to look through 100 different emails/docs/websites to find what I'm looking for. It helps keep me up-to-date on what's going on in my organization and saves me so much time.
Sarah Wainschel
Rapid Information Retrieval
Quickly locate documents, emails, and files across multiple platforms, reducing time spent searching and increasing productivity.
Enhanced Collaboration
Easily find and share relevant documents and resources, improving teamwork and streamlining project management across departments.
Knowledge Accessibility
Provide employees with instant access to the information they need, when they need it, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.
#1 Rated Intranet for Results

"The best Intranet tool I've ever used!"

Courtney M. Sr. Director, Brand and Content
Computer Software Industry

Effortless Enterprise Search

With Haystack’s universal search, accessing a world of information within your organization is just a few keystrokes away.

AI Search with Google

Harness the power of AI with Haystack's Google-powered enterprise search, seamlessly integrating with your entire digital ecosystem. Our intelligent platform delivers precise, personalized answers directly within your workflows, eliminating the clutter of unrelated results.

Rated #1 for Enterprise Search by G2
Receive accurate, personalized answers
Google AI Search add-on coming Fall 2024

Integrate & Discover

Haystack seamlessly connects with the applications and tools you already use, enabling a comprehensive search across multiple information sources. Access all your data from one place for a streamlined and efficient search experience.

Integrate with existing applications and tools
Adhere to third-party permissions and visibility
Streamline access to all your information

Suggested Results

Haystack Search elevates relevant results to the forefront, allowing your colleagues to crowdsource knowledge for their peers. By combining AI with the expertise of your knowledge workers, the search experience continuously improves and becomes intricately tailored to your organization.

Highlight the most relevant results
Leverage collective employee knowledge
Coming Fall 2024

Prevent Stale Results

Use the Haystack Freshness Engine to set expiration dates on content and keep your workspace organized and current. Prevent clutter and ensure search results remain relevant and useful. Automatically archive outdated information to maintain a clean and efficient digital environment.

How Boyce Thompson Institute Uses Haystack

Boyce Thompson Institute Builds Community while Exploring Scientific Frontiers
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New Hire Onboarding

Rapid Document Retrieval

Team Collaboration

Multilingual Coworker Search

Cultural Connection Finder

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