The Ultimate New Hire Experience

Deliver an exceptional new hire experience with name games and onboarding journeys.

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Haystack is our one-stop shop, bringing in things like our employee handbook and other onboarding materials, so when a new Linker joins, they have everything they need from day one.
Katie Burkhart
Life Link III

Key Benefits

Tailored Onboarding Hubs
Create a tailored new hire journey with specific content and training organized in one accessible hub - getting new hires up to speed faster.
Context Ready Day One
Use Haystack AI to summarize important information that occurred prior to day one and make new hires company experts faster.
Streamline Compliance
Streamline compliance by pairing read confirmations with essential info to ensure new hires have read what they need to perform.
Accelerate Learning
Provide new hires with AI-enhanced tools for fast and efficient access to information, accelerating their learning curve.
Introduce with Videos
Make onboarding engaging with video content that introduces company culture and values vividly.
Demystify Corporate Jargon
Standardize company language with a company glossary, making it easier for new hires to integrate from day one.

Your New Hires' Favorite Solution

Simplify onboarding with engaging, efficient processes that ensure a smooth start and make their first days memorable and productive.

Define Company Jargon

Effortlessly define common terminology and enhance communication across your organization with Haystack Glossary.

Define Pesky Acronyms
Enhance communication with clear definitions for new hires
Access definitions directly in Slack

Find Without Asking

Unlock organizational intelligence for new hires with just a few keystrokes. Built with Google Cloud by Google alums, Haystack offers a decade of world-class search experience to streamline onboarding.

Enterprise search across numerous sources
Accurate and up-to-date resources with Haystack Freshness Engine
Q&A Search powered by Google, coming Fall 2024

Easily Gain Coworker Context

Provide new hires with a place to call home. Easily look up coworkers, learn about their specializations, backgrounds, and projects, and start conversations over common interests.

Searchable employee directory
Detailed, integrated employee profiles
Name Game helps new hires learn faces and names

Using Haystack for Employee Onboarding

Company Glossary

Org Chart

Name Game

Enterprise Search


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