A Modern Workspace That Cleans Itself

Keep content fresh & trustworthy by letting the Freshness Engine manage content automatically at scale, so you don't have to.

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I love the verified badge [...] it doesn't take long before enough information piles up that it's hard to find what you're looking for and even if you do, you're not sure if it's still valid or up to date.
Rex Mann
Prevent the intranet from becoming a junk drawer
Mark content with expiration dates and set timely reminders to prevent them from slipping into the dark ages.
Reduce Aministrative Burden
Stand by while the Haystack Freshness Engine works in the background, so you can focus elsewhere.
Expert Applied Verified Badges
Go a step further and allow your content experts to mark content with a visual verfiied badge.
#1 Rated Intranet for Results

"The best Intranet tool I've ever used!"

Courtney M. Sr. Director, Brand and Content
Computer Software Industry

Content Governance At Scale

Maintain trustworthy content with ease with Freshness Engine's automatic content management.

Set Expiration Dates

Manage content at scale and configure expiration dates on key items to ensure a clean workspace. Make sure your employee handbooks and annually updated resources stay fresh and accurate.

Prompt timely reviews and updates
Ensure relevance and reliability
Manage accurate compliance-required materials

Expert Verification

Boost confidence with Haystack's Expert Verification. Restrict content validation to designated experts, safeguarding information integrity and ensuring that only accurate, vetted data guides your team's actions.

Restrict validation to verified experts
Safeguard information integrity
Promote canonical resources

Advanced Analytics

Fresh, reliable intranet content only matters if it's being used. Haystack's analytics suite makes it easy to check up on the health of your most important content and company resources anytime.

Monitor content usage and engagement
Track the health of key resources
Access insights anytime

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