Plenty Unites The Frontline with Haystack

Unite The Frontline

Ensure seamless communication and data access from the factory floor to the main office.

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Haystack is has quickly become our true one-stop shop that unites all of our 600+ practices around the country to one single intuitive hub.
Jeff Cellucci
MB2 Dental

Key Benefits

Unify Frontline Workers
Connect frontline workers with a consistent brand experience through a unified mobile application, integrating them fully.
Centralize Essential Info
Provide easy access to essential information through centralized search and feed functionalities designed for frontline workers.
Deliver Targeted Updates
Deliver relevant updates and communications to frontline workers through tailored channels like email, chat apps, or SMS.
Prioritize Worker Safety
Keep frontline workers safe and informed by prioritizing essential safety and compliance updates as must-read content.
Foster Active Participation
Engage frontline workers in company life through announcements, contests, and community surveys.
Flat-rate Pricing
Choose flat rate pricing for predictability and transparency, avoiding seasonal surges and hidden fees.

Secure & Engage Your Frontline Workers

Empower your frontline workers with secure, intuitive tools. Enhance communication, boost engagement, and ensure their safety.

Unite a Global Workforce

Designed for use anywhere, Haystack connects with a diverse, global workforce. Instantly translate into dozens of available languages, providing international users a home in their preferred language.

50+ languages offered (more available upon request)
Leverage Haystack AI for accurate translations
Customized experience for different languages

Send Emergency Alerts

Factory closures, inclement weather warnings, and more—use Haystack emergency alerts to ensure your most urgent communications are read. With reliable delivery and analytics, you can send critical messages without Wi-Fi and guarantee they reach your team.

Guarantee urgent alerts are read
Send without Wi-Fi
Detailed analytics

Industry Leading User Adoption

Our team has consumer-grade DNA from mobile focused companies like Snapchat and our platform ensures industry-leading user adoption on the mobile app or the web. Our feature rich easy to use mobile app makes it easy to get engagement scores up and at an all time high.

Modern Easy to use custom branded mobile app
Designed to delight, not distract
Award winning user engagement

Using Haystack for Frontline Support

Branded Employee App

SMS Text Notifications

AI Content Summary

AI Language Translation

Detailed Analytics

Polls & Surveys

Customer Stories

Haystack Overview

Discover how Haystack empowers organizations in your industry to tackle unique challenges, offering insights from peers on achieving remarkable outcomes.