Streamline Company Communications

Send company news, target internal audiences, select your channels. Our Communications products help you strike the right balance between over-notifying and under-communicating.

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Make sure essential updates get to the right people. Create dynamic audiences based on important attributes like hire date, employment type, number of direct reports, and more.

  • Conduct manager-specific communication.
  • Target by region or office.
  • Create custom audiences.


Distribute news and updates your team will read. Create long-form, content-rich posts that are as engaging as they are informative.

  • Embed media from your favorite apps.
  • Add impact with images and quick formatting.
  • Reference external or internal resources.
  • Tag key stakeholders.


Publish content to keep employees up to date on the latest posts and noteworthy activites.

  • Schedule your posts.
  • Notify via Slack mobile, and more.
  • Send branded email notifications.
  • Share with custom audiences.


Measure the reach of each post and confirm your most important communications are seen by the right people with Haystack insights.

  • See at a glance who's read your post, and when.
  • Learn how content is being consumed over time.
  • Send reminders for unread content.
  • Gauge the reception of your message.