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I've migrated a lot of our organizational culture efforts to Haystack, so it's not just a primary source of information, it's our culture hub as well.
Mickey DeJong
Head of Culture, Ally Logistics

Key Benefits

Build ERG Hubs
Build vibrant digital hubs for your employee resource groups, seamlessly connect popular apps and configure tailored permissions.
No-code Custom Branding
Transform your workspace into a reflection of your brand with our intuitive, no-code editor.
Demystify Corporate Jargon
Standardize company language with a company glossary, making it easier for new hires to integrate from day one.
Gather Employee Insights
Harness real-time feedback through easy to use surveys and analytics, turning employee insights into actionable strategies.
Encourage Peer Recognition
Foster a culture of recognition with customizable digital badges and peer-to-peer shoutouts - all linked to company values.
Align Content with Values
Align all content with your core values, ensuring every piece serves a clear purpose.

Build a Better Workplace

Create an environment where people can flourish, fostering growth, collaboration, and satisfaction. Empower your team to thrive and excel.

Reflect Your Unique Brand

Create a workspace that makes coworkers ask, "Who built this internally?" Customize everything with our no-code tools and Figma templates. Add custom emojis for reactions and configure features to your liking.

Configurable, non-opinionated features
Easy-to-use no-code customization tools
Figma templates that make design teams happy

Align Company Values

Tie all your workspace to company values, reinforcing what it means to be a great teammate. Ensure every piece of content aligns with your core principles for a cohesive and motivated workforce.

Reinforce company values
Align actions with core principles
Foster a cohesive and motivated team

Up-level ERGs

As organizations grow, communication structure becomes crucial. Haystack’s custom groups keep discussions focused and ensure information reaches the right people every time.

Customizable ERG page templates
Sync external data sources like Okta, Azure, and more
Configure advanced permission structures

Using Haystack for Building Culture

Name Game

Digital Badges

Custom Emojis

Brand Gallery

Branded Employee App

Celebration Alerts

Customer Stories

Haystack Overview

Discover how Haystack empowers organizations in your industry to tackle unique challenges, offering insights from peers on achieving remarkable outcomes.