Build an Interactive Company Directory

Haystack gives employees context and understanding to work together effectively. Unify your information by integrating data from disparate enterprise systems.

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Get to know how your coworkers look like and what they do with employee-populated profiles. Connect with organization members who share the same interest, education, or work history.

  • Connect colleagues across departments.
  • Showcase individual skills, expertise & hobbies.
  • Share and connect over previous work history.
  • Post audio introductions and name pronounciations.


Find resources and content targeted to a specific team, department, or interest group. Groups provide opportunities for collaboration, social interactions, and support.

  • Link groups to Slack channels.
  • Create custom groups as unique as your team.
  • Focus communication and collaboration.
  • Provide a safe space with private groups.


Understand the relationships between groups and individuals. Haystack's dynamic org chart helps businesses develop the workforce, define roles, and communicate more efficiently.

  • Browse the Org Chart.
  • Search by skill, expertise, and hobbies.
  • Build a work history network.
  • View group memberships at a glance.