Connect a unified employee directory

Building personal connections in a rapidly scaling organization can be challenging—especially while working remotely. Haystack’s interactive directory makes colleagues across the world feel like they’re right across the hall.

See Haystack in Action

BuzzFeed uses Haystack to stay connected while working remotely.

NerdWallet uses Haystack to make information more accessible.

Novo uses Haystack to keep its team connected.

Chime uses Haystack to scale communications and culture.

Bridge the remote gap with engaging profiles

Whether your team is distributed, hybrid, or co-located, it’s crucial to bringing everyone together. Haystack’s comprehensive employee profiles make getting to know colleagues fast, fun, and rewarding.

  • Celebrate and support diversity with pronoun preferences and personal audio introductions.
  • Build on shared experiences like work history, education, and hobbies.
  • Showcase achievements with a built-in company resume.

Create groups for offices, departments, and more.

As organizations grow, communication structure becomes even more important. Haystack’s custom groups keep discussions focused and ensure information reaches the right people every time.

  • Celebrate great work in company-wide shoutouts.
  • Tag other team members to increase visibility.
  • Recognize individuals or groups.

Outline reporting relationships with a live organizational chart.

Clarify the relationships between teams and individuals with an organizational chart that’s always up to date. Haystack's dynamic org chart helps employees understand whom to reach out to, and connect with them instantly.

  • Help new hires reach the right people and get the support they need to grow.
  • See your company’s full range of reporting relationships at a glance.
  • View company structure at a high level or dive directly into detailed employee profiles.

Customers love Haystack

We're proud to help some of our favorite companies in the world deliver an extraordinary digital employee experience.
Jed H
May 2, 2023
Amazing and Intuitive
"We have been able to consolidate communication that was very fragmented on different platforms where we did not own our data to one where we customized our data and retained all rights to it. Creating more tabs and pages constantly with internal communication and search across the platform has be a key driver to having a better culture amongst our team."
Review posted on G2
Jeff C.
March 31, 2023
Haystack has been a GAME CHANGER for our organization!
"Many of our doctors primarily use mobile so we felt Haystack had the best mobile platform of all the intranet companies on the market. Now that we have migrated to Haystack, we have seen a significant increase in engagement from our employees."
Review posted on G2
Jaye B.
March 3, 2023
A High Engaging Intranet for Diverse Teams
"We have a diverse workforce (split evenly between Headquarters and our manufacturing sites), Haystack has easily become the go-to spot for all of our employees to see important news, resources, and employee profiles. We had an old version of Sharepoint before and this has been a 10x improvement over the last site that our employees actually use."
Review posted on G2
Cindy C.
May 8, 2023
Haystack connected the remote team members into one!
"The Haystack app is a modern intranet that connects people, teams, knowledge, and other critical aspects of practical work. It is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for team members to quickly navigate and find the information they need. I am working in a remote team with members all over the map; Haystack is a critical piece of software that connects us."
Review posted on G2

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