Connect your team with an interactive company directory.

Building personal connections in a rapidly scaling organization can be challenging—especially while working remotely. Haystack’s interactive directory makes colleagues across the world feel like they’re right across the hall.

Bridge the remote gap with engaging profiles.

Whether your team is distributed, hybrid, or co-located, it’s crucial to bringing everyone together. Haystack’s comprehensive employee profiles make getting to know colleagues fast, fun, and rewarding.

  • Celebrate and support diversity with pronoun preferences and personal audio introductions.
  • Build on shared experiences like work history, education, and hobbies.
  • Showcase achievements with a built-in company resume.
  • Put faces to names (and take a run at the high score) with the name game.

Bring teammates together with customizable groups.

As organizations grow, communication structure becomes more important. Haystack’s custom groups keep discussions focused and ensure information reaches the right people every time.

  • Create a collection of custom groups as unique as your organization.
  • Provide a safe and supportive space for employees with group privacy settings.
  • Bring the conversation where your people are by connecting groups to Slack channels.

Outline reporting relationships with a live organizational chart.

Clarify the relationships between teams and individuals with an organizational chart that’s always up to date. Haystack's dynamic org chart helps employees understand whom to reach out to, and connect with them instantly.

  • Help new hires reach the right people and get the support they need to grow.
  • See your company’s full range of reporting relationships at a glance.
  • View company structure at a high level or dive directly into detailed employee profiles.
It was a building block for the team and our entire Internal Communications strategy.
Kayla Bonnin
Senior Manager, Brand & 
Internal Communications
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“Within the first week we were over 70% adoption, which is outstanding.”
Tony Kihl
Internal Communications
Leader & Consultant
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Since I started, the progress has been shocking. The amount of updates has been more than I ever imagined.
Natalie Fernandez
Internal Communications Manager
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We're still in the early days of bringing everything into Haystack, but it's already exciting.
Rex Mann
Customer Success Manager
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Haystack was able to help us solve for "who do I talk to" just as much as "where do I go?"
Ben Hall
Digital Experience Director
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The Glossary is huge. Especially in the world of healthcare, there are so many acronyms and specialized terms.
Paul LoPresto
Director of Business Operations
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