Okta for Haystack

Haystack's Okta integration simplifies logins and brings employee information directly into Haystack automatically.

See this Integration in Action
Skip the hassle of passwords.
With the Okta integration, employees don't need to remember or change passwords. Simply log in through Okta's convenient Single Sign-On (SSO) experience.
Automate user management.
Take the manual work out of managing user accounts. Haystack's Okta integration can provision and de-provision accounts when employees join or leave.
Keep your team directory current.
Make sure your employee directory is always current with automatic updates. When your employee roster changes in Okta, it updates in Haystack.
Simplify security.
With no passwords to lose or expose, logging into Haystack through Okta is as secure as it is simple. Grant and revoke information access automatically with Okta updates.
Give your friends in IT a break.
Automated SCIM provisioning and Single Sign-On (SSO) means less administrative and security overhead for your IT team.
Map employee groups directly from Okta.
Automatically create and map users from important Okta groups like department, location, and more into Haystack groups.
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Microsoft 365

Integrate Haystack with Microsoft applications that power team collaboration.

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Google Drive

Bring your Google Drive content to the Haystack experience.

Coming Soon

Microsoft Teams

Bring the best of Haystack to Microsoft Teams in a powerful two-way integration.

Coming Soon

Microsoft OneDrive

Search across and embed your team’s OneDrive documents.