Haystack Keeps Your Organization Connected

The Haystack platform connects your company’s distributed employees, disparate systems, and top-down communications channels to a centralized hub.


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With Haystack, organizations can break down silos and streamline internal communication. Create, publish, and measure across multiple platforms - all from one place.

  • Mark as must read.
  • Send beautiful employee newsletters.
  • View detailed analytics and insights.
  • Integrate with Slack, Teams, and Google Calendar.
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Haystack gives employees context and understanding to work together effectively. Unify your information by integrating data from disparate enterprise systems (including HRIS, ATS, CRM, etc.).

  • Easily searchable skills and ownership tags.
  • Track employee achievements.
  • Access a global employee map view.
  • Show relationships with the organization chart.
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With Haystack, organizations can create, connect, verify, and search across all your knowledge platforms in one centralized, secure place - accelerating productivity, improving alignment, and empowering your workforce.

  • Experience lightning fast search.
  • Connect 50+ workplace apps.
  • Freshness score and relevance engine.
  • Stay aligned with a company glossary.
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Create opportunity for employee gatherings at any scale (virtual, in-person, or hybrid). Members can RSVP to events, manage their status, and add event details to their personal calendars.

  • See detailed event information.
  • Customize registration forms.
  • Manage your RSVP list.
  • Integrate with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange,
    and Slack.
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Mobile App

Haystack’s mobile employee app helps you keep frontline employees more engaged and more informed, without interrupting workflow.

  • Customize mobile app branding.
  • Access all functionalities remotely.
  • Enjoy a quick and simple setup.

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