Organize irresistible company events with ease.

Whether it is an all-hands meeting or a team-building workshop, Haystack makes it quick and simple to create and share them with specific teams, departments, or groups.

Surprise and delight attendees.

Organize a virtual or in-person event to share with your organization, team, or group. Include detailed information, photos, and helpful supporting content.

  • Effortlessly reach your target audience with groups.
  • Avoid confusion with time zone support.
  • Share and promote visually engaging event announcements across multiple channels.
  • Notify employees of observed holidays, or other important dates like open enrollment.

Gather essential details with event registration forms.

Customize and share include registration forms to collect the information you need to host a memorable event.

  • Capture the key contact information you need to support and engage attendees.
  • Get notified of allergies, and accommodate dietary preferences.
  • Check swag preferences and sizing information.

Manage, update, and review engagement anytime.

Event admins can easily see the status of attendees and manage detailed attendees’ information for coordination. Remind users to RSVP, edit registration forms, and share virtual meeting links—all from one convenient interface.

  • Send quick RSVP reminders to help increase attendance.
  • Share details like virtual meeting links right in the event page so everyone knows where to go.
  • Include a convenient 'add to calendar' button for attendees.
It was a building block for the team and our entire Internal Communications strategy.
Kayla Bonnin
Senior Manager, Brand & 
Internal Communications
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“Within the first week we were over 70% adoption, which is outstanding.”
Tony Kihl
Internal Communications
Leader & Consultant
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Since I started, the progress has been shocking. The amount of updates has been more than I ever imagined.
Natalie Fernandez
Internal Communications Manager
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We're still in the early days of bringing everything into Haystack, but it's already exciting.
Rex Mann
Customer Success Manager
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Haystack was able to help us solve for "who do I talk to" just as much as "where do I go?"
Ben Hall
Digital Experience Director
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The Glossary is huge. Especially in the world of healthcare, there are so many acronyms and specialized terms.
Paul LoPresto
Director of Business Operations
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