Plan & Host Organization Events

Whether it is an all-hands meeting or a team-building workshop, Haystack make it easy to create and share them with specific teams, departments, or groups.

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Create a virtual or in-person event to share with your organization, team, or group. Include detailed information, photos, and even set up a registration form.

  • Effortlessly reach your target audience.
  • Avoid confusion with time zone support.
  • Share visually engaging event announcements.
  • Notify employees of observed holidays.


Customize registration forms and collect the information you need to host a memorable event.

  • Capture key contact information.
  • Get notified of allergies.
  • Understand dietary preferences.
  • Check swag preferences.


Event admins can easily see the status of attendees and manage detailed attendees’ information for coordination. Easily remind users to RSVP, edit registration forms, and share virtual meeting links.

  • Send quick RSVP reminders.
  • Share virtual meeting links right in the event page.
  • Include a convenient 'add to calendar' button.
  • Review your attendee list anytime.


Share events to the right people. In the detail page, members can find event information, description, and see who else is attending.

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