Google Drive & Haystack

With Haystack's Google Drive integration, content and information silos are a thing of the past. Combine all your most important Google Drive resources with others in a centralized, searchable source of truth.

See this Integration in Action
Search smarter.
Never wonder which folder or tool an important document lives in. Find it instantly in Haystack with a quick, integrated search.
Break down information barriers.
Combine native content in Haystack with resources from Google Drive to provide your team with a single source of truth.
Author beautiful, information-rich posts.
Embed your Google Drive resources in Haystack posts so everyone gets the full context behind the information you share.
Coming Soon

Microsoft 365

Integrate Haystack with Microsoft applications that power team collaboration.

Coming Soon


Streamline user management and enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta.

User Management
Coming Soon

Microsoft Teams

Bring the best of Haystack to Microsoft Teams in a powerful two-way integration.

Coming Soon

Microsoft OneDrive

Search across and embed your team’s OneDrive documents.