Information Technology

IT departments love Haystack’s intuitive experience and quick deployment, but that’s just the beginning. Haystack is also a place to house, share, and verify IT support and training resources so your team can spend less time closing repeat tickets, and more time solving your biggest challenges.
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BuzzFeed uses Haystack to stay connected while working remotely.

NerdWallet uses Haystack to make information more accessible.

Novo uses Haystack to keep its team connected.

Chime uses Haystack to scale communications and culture.

What is Haystack?

Haystack is software designed to make life easier for employees. It’s an intranet, a resource center, a communications hub, a company directory, a collaboration space, and more, all rolled into one secure, reliable interface. Automated user management and Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations simplify deployment, and cloud architecture means minimal setup and configuration required.
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No code required.  No, really.

Haystack is a cloud-based intranet application that doesn’t require on-premesis installation or ongoing IT support.

Updates and upgrades are tested extensively, then delivered seamlessly to your organization so you’re always on the latest, most stable and feature-rich version.

No manual actions or update scripts are needed; no custom styles to write, just powerful tools housed in an intuitive admin dashboard.

    Deploy in days, not weeks

    Haystack was designed to be deployed with minimal IT support, so you can spend less time deploying tools, and more time supporting your organization.

    Haystack’s SSO/SCIM and HRIS integrations make it easy to automate your user management and ensure swift and secure logins.

    Self-service integration setup makes even large deployments quick and seamless.

      Support your team.

        It’s not enough for Haystack to pose a low barrier or risk for deployment. We built Haystack to be a true value-add for IT teams.

        With third-party integrations with tools like Google Drive, Sharepoint, and Confluence, Haystack makes finding, sharing, and verifying the accuracy of IT resources simple.

        Educate and support your organization with IT docs that are only a smart search away.

        Things that Matter to IT Teams

        IT teams love Haystack because it’s secure and reliable with an intuitive experience that requires minimal technical support.
        Security Team
        Haystack employs staff responsible for reviewing, testing and maintaining platform security and privacy.
        Employee Trainings
        Security is a company-wide endeavor. All employees complete an annual security training program.
        Penetration Tests
        Haystack works with industry leading security firms to perform regular penetration tests.
        Secure Software Development
        Haystack utilizes a variety of data security and vulnerability checks throughout the development lifecycle.
        Incident Response
        Security breaches will be communicated within 48 hours, and vulnerabilities are fixed ASAP.
        Permissions and Authentication
        Access to our data is limited to authorized employees who require it for their job and data access is logged.
        Data Encryption
        Data is encrypted in-transit and at rest to provide steadfast protection.
        Single Sign On (SSO)
        SSO allows you to authenticate users in your own systems without requiring them to enter additional credentials.

        Enterprise-Grade Security

        Your employee home should be dependable and safe. That’s why Haystack was built on a foundation of speed, security, and rock-solid reliability.
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