A digital frontline employee experience worth celebrating

Frontline and deskless employees are the heartbeat of an organization. We believe they deserve a remarkable digital employee experience, so we built one.

See Haystack in Action

BuzzFeed uses Haystack to stay connected while working remotely.

NerdWallet uses Haystack to make information more accessible.

Novo uses Haystack to keep its team connected.

Chime uses Haystack to scale communications and culture.

Help frontline employees feel connected.

Empower every frontline employee with tailored experiences that foster engagement, enhance productivity, and facilitate meaningful connections with their peers—right on their mobile device.

Manage and support organizational change.

Change is never easy, but it's necessary.

Haystack makes it easy to deliver impactful multi-channel communications that engage employees, supporting alignment with changes of any scale.

Automate user management and access.

Managing a large workforce comes with a lot of administrative tasks, but that doesn't mean you need to take it all on manually. Haystack makes it easy to manage users and their access automatically, so you can focus on the work that matters most.

Customers Love Haystack's Digital Workplace

You don't have to take our word for it. Customers of all sizes, across different industries all have a unique Haystack story.
Jeff C.
March 31, 2023
Haystack has been a GAME CHANGER for our organization!

Many of our doctors primarily use mobile so we felt Haystack had the best mobile platform of all the intranet companies on the market. Now that we have migrated to Haystack, we have seen a significant increase in engagement from our employees.

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Henry Jay Y
February 28, 2023
If Slack Built an Intranet - it would be Haystack

Haystack is an exceptional tool that serves as the perfect amalgamation of Slack and an intranet. It provides the benefits of Slack's messaging and collaboration capabilities with the added advantage of a centralized intranet-like platform.

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Mike R
March 3, 2023
Haystack keeps our team aligned, informed & engaged

We evaluated a number of platforms before landing on Haystack. For our team, the customization, speed, and overall UI/UX stood out clearly from all the other providers we checked out. Couldn't be happier using Haystack

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Jaye B
March 3, 2023
A High Engaging Intranet for Diverse Teams

"We have a diverse workforce (split evenly between Headquarters and our manufacturing sites), Haystack has easily become the go-to spot for all of our employees to see important news, resources, and employee profiles. We had an old version of Sharepoint before and this has been a 10x improvement over the last site that our employees actually use."

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