Strengthen organizational culture

With a unique suite of tools dedicated to improving communication, personal connection, productivity, and the overall employee experience, Haystack is the central nerve system for teams across the globe.

See Haystack in Action

BuzzFeed uses Haystack to stay connected while working remotely.

NerdWallet uses Haystack to make information more accessible.

Novo uses Haystack to keep its team connected.

Chime uses Haystack to scale communications and culture.

Reach everyone, instantly.

From the office to the frontline and beyond; from longtime veterans to last week’s new hire, Haystack makes it easy to reach your entire organization with the right message.

With multi-channel delivery across email, mobile, and even third-party apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, Haystack makes it easy to broadcast engaging content that gets seen.

Share crucial information confidently.

Haystack's robust security and privacy measures, along with Secure Delivery tools such as copy/paste protection and digital watermarking, eliminate barriers to transparent communication.

Champion your brand.

You work hard to build and maintain a reputable brand. With Haystack, you can infuse that brand into every nook and cranny of the experience.

Your custom-branded employee hub extends from the Haystack app experience all the way to mobile, email and third-party apps like Slack.

Connect with Confidence.

Haystack is a secure and reliable hub for your entire organization. With SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance, data encrypted in transit and at rest, security training for employees, and more, you can rest assured your company data is protected.

Features that Matter to Executive Leadership Teams

As organizational culture leaders, it’s vital for executives to connect and communicate with their organization. Haystack makes it easy to do that while fostering engagement and a strong employer brand.

Groups for Teams, Office, etc.
Custom groups make it easy to ensure the right poeple get the message without inundating others.
Analytics and Measurement
Give your Internal Comms team the tools they need to measure and  improve message effectiveness.
Mobile Apps
Ensure employees have access to the people, info, and resources they need to succeed, no matter where they are.
Ramp New Hires Faster
Help new employees learn, grow, and contribute to their organization with a constant onboarding experience.
Integrate existing tools
Haystack doesn't compete with your favorite tools—it compliments and supports them.
Notify without distracting
Get important messages and emergency notifications to employees without disturbing their workflow.
Get to know your team
Put a face to new names with fun, engaging tools like the name game and audio introductions.
Prevent Leaked Information
Haystack's Secure Delivery features like screenshot prevention help protect sensitive company info.