Today Haystack, the modern intranet company making big companies feel smaller, rolled out Connect—a feature that uses first-party employee profile data to intelligently pair employees to support better work friendships, facilitate mentor-mentee relationships, and bring colleagues together on a deeper level. The feature is intended to alleviate pain points common for a remote workforce – such as the inability to brainstorm over lunch or celebrate each other's successes in person – and help cultivate the types of long-lasting connections that can support employee retention and growth.

"Building strong relationships at work can mean the difference between engagement and retention; disengagement and turnover," said Cameron Lindsay, Haystack CEO and co-founder. "Helping people find camaraderie at work through a set of shared connections and interests – even across great distances – is one way to build strong, resilient teams."

Connect is part of a broad set of features within Haystack's platform. Through Connect, organizations with or without an in-person campus can all foster strong working relationships between employees. This is just the latest innovation from Haystack, a platform where employees can receive important announcements, discover knowledge about the company they work for, and communicate with coworkers.

Earlier this year, the company announced Secure Delivery – a feature that helps keep internal communications internal, and protect employees from accidentally sharing sensitive information. Haystack will continue to launch features that foster employee connections, growth, and success in the remote age. For more information, visit

About Haystack

Haystack is a modern intranet platform that makes big companies feel smaller. Mid-market and large enterprises rely on Haystack for secure internal communications, to share organizational knowledge and to build community. Founded in 2019, Haystack is based in Los Angeles. The company was founded by friends CEO Cameron Lindsay and CTO Haibo Zhao.