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G2 Grid Report Results Summer 2024

G2’s summer reports are live, and once again, users recognized Haystack as an industry leader. We want to thank every Haystack customer for their ongoing support, their trust, and their dedication to delivering an exceptional digital employee experience.

The Results

This summer season, Haystack earned badges in over a dozen categories, highlighting its ability to deliver outstanding results in areas like usability, implementation, and ROI for organizations of all sizes. Those results, combined with Haystack customers’ enthusiasm for the product cemented its place again as a Momentum Leader in the industry.

In addition to these awards, Haystack also scored above the industry average in many of the categories that matter most to end users, administrators, and senior leadership.

Stellar User Adoption

With an Average User Adoption of 85%, Haystack continues to deliver on the promise of a modern intranet employees actually want to use.

Effortless Administration

Haystack users shared a 94% satisfaction rating for Ease of Admin. The platform’s streamlined, consumer grade experience empowers even small admin teams to manage and support an engaging digital employee experience.

Easy administration and native integrations also reduce the burden on IT teams, meaning they can spend less time configuring, managing user access, and troubleshooting the product, and more time supporting their internal customers.

This reduced overhead often translates into lower costs, and contributes to Haystack’s category-leading Return on Investment (ROI).

Simple Setup

Haystack bested industry averages, receiving a 96% satisfaction rating from customers for Ease of Setup. That ease of setup often reduces IT bandwidth and administration requirements. Getting employees and admins up to speed quickly supports a faster time to value, and reduced overall implementation costs.

Easy to Use

Haystack is an enterprise-grade tool wrapped in a consumer-grade experience, and 94% customer satisfaction ratings for Ease of Use reflect that.

We know how important it is for your business tools to be easy and inviting for employees to use. Adoption rates, productivity, and training timelines all depend on a tool being intuitive, engaging—and most of all, useful.

Real Support

Haystack support is dedicated to helping customers develop engaging experiences, from end to end. That’s why customers shared a 96% satisfaction rating for Quality of Support.

From quick troubleshooting to strategic content planning and development, we believe support should always be there for you when you need it most. With expansive expertise, Haystack’s customer success team excels in helping customers get the most out of their modern intranet.

Great Partners

Even the best products in the world can be a burden if getting access to them is painful or arduous. That’s why we’re proud to have received an astounding 99% satisfaction rate for Ease of Doing Business.

From initial conversations to renewals, customers can expect transparent pricing as well as clear, quick, and consistent communication throughout every step of their Haystack buyer’s journey. Our entire team is committed to building outstanding employee and customer experiences.

We’re honored and motivated to have so many customers sharing their positive experiences with Haystack. For our part, we’re going to continue working closely with Haystack users to deliver not just the tools they need to get the job done today, but into the future.

If you’re new to Haystack and are interested in learning how your team could benefit from a modern, intuitive employee intranet, check out some recent Haystack customer stories, and watch our platform overview and see why folks continue to choose and love Haystack.

First Published
July 2, 2024
Haystack Updates

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