Product Features

An employee intranet software that focuses on employee connections and communication.


Create, publish, and measure across multiple platforms - all from one place.

Author Alias

Publish communication on behalf of executives easily and effectively.


Track how communication is going through detailed metrics to understand the audience.

Must Read

Ensure all important communication is delivered and read by employees with must read.

Mobile Push Notifications

Send push notifications to make key communication easily accessible on-the-go.

Email Digests

Send and receive full-body emails to ensure that all communication is delivered.

Dashboard & Interactive Carousel

Pin important posts on the carousel for maximal exposure to organization members.


Send and receive daily or weekly recaps to employees who subscribed to whatever is important to them.

Threaded Comments

See organized discussions around specific messages and topics. Members can easily hop in and out of conversations.

Emoji Reactions

React to posts, events, and resources. They are a fun way for people to express themselves.

Secure Delivery

Enable secure delivery to ensure that the information stays within the organization.

Scheduled Delivery

Schedule the deliver to posts, events, and resources so admins have a easy way to plan for future communcation.

Branded Slack Bot

Customize the Slack Bot to send branded notifications out.

iOS, Android & Mobile Apps

Keep your on-the-go employees connected with fully featured Android and iOS apps, in addition to mobile-optimized web access.


Haystack gives employees context and understanding to work together effectively.


Help people get to know each other. Profiles include biographies, skills, accomplishments, and interests.

Org Chart

Understand the hierarchical relationships between groups and individuals. The org chart help businesses develop the workforce, define roles, and communicate more efficiently.


Find resources and content targeted to a specific team, department, or interest group. Groups provide opportunities for collaboration, social interactions, and support.

Work History

Gain a clear understanding of coworkers’ work history. Learn about the DNA that drives the company’s culture.


See where colleagues went to school. Search by school to find other alumni, or create a company group for your alma mater to connect over shared experience.


Showcase the unique set of interests and talents everyone has, and foster employee connections. Gather like-minded volunteers for a food drive, engineers for a hackathon, athletes for an intramural team, or anything in-between.


Never miss another work anniversary. Recognize and celebrate employee contributions with work anniversaries visible from your home screen.


See upcoming employee birthdays in advance so you have plenty of time to wish them a happy birthday or even throw a party.

New Hires

Make an employee's first day an event to remember with a dynamic feed of upcoming, new, and recent hires. Give everyone an easy way to welcome new members to the team and ensure a warm, engaging onboarding experience.

Profile Picture

Put faces to names instantly with high-resolution profile pictures in the company directory. Profile pictures appear everywhere, from posts and resources, to the Org Chart and Global Map.


Shine the spotlight and focus on key employee areas with highlights.


Minimize time zone issues an instantly visualize where each member of your organization is located with the global directory map.


Search across all your knowledge platforms in one centralized, secure place.

Intelligent Search

Access content, groups, and people quickly all in one place. Search integrates with your favorite knowledge management systems such as Google Drive and Confluence.

Verified Badges

A verified icon let people know that the resource is officially released by the people who know the information best.

Freshness Score

Stay up-to-date on the latest resources, such as company 401k policies, health benefits, and parental leaves.

Group Resources

Group Resources may include Zoom background images, guidelines, or team specific documents.


Increase productivity by recapturing all important updates in one centralized location.


Interact with posts, events, and resources. Threaded comments allow members to follow conversations easily.


Admins can control the type of notification everyone gets. Notifications ensure that people don’t miss the latest content.


Associate a web page with a title, description, and tags in the links library. Ensure all members know where to find external resources inside the organization.


Ensure all members understand the definition of terminology and phrases used within your organization.

Featured content

Highlight important content at the top, so everyone knows where to find what.

Share Media

Share media in posts to your organization, such as photos, videos, or gifs.


Integrate your most used workspace tools to maximize your knowledge base on the platform.


Manage RSVP list and add event details to their personal calendars.


See insights about your posts to understand your workforce

Must Read

Make sure all organization members acknowledge each post. You can send reminders to unchecked viewers.

Auto Provisioning

Sync with Workday to automatically provision and deactivate users.


Automate user provisioning, deprovisioning, group membership, and employee profile data.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Integrate with industry-standard platforms like Okta and Google. Employess get quick access to company apps from their personal homepage.

No-Code Custom Branding

Make the platform yours by customizing the brand, colors, and logos.

Adoption Metrics

Understand who is using your company's intranet, how it's being used, and where adoption can be improved.


Integrate with your favorite productivity apps so everything is on one platform.

White Glove Support

We are here to help

Advanced Admin Controls

Assign admin roles to distribute ownership across the organization.


Assign forms to RSVP statuses to gather important event information about the participants.

Sharing content

Share content on other platforms, such as Slack and email.

Mobile App

Haystack’s mobile employee app helps you keep frontline employees more engaged and more informed, without interrupting workflow.

  • Customizable Mobile App Branding
  • All functionalities remotely accessible
  • Simple and easy setup

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