Secure Delivery

Learn how Haystack's Secure Delivery supports knowledge sharing and transparency.

One of the benefits I appreciate about Haystack is how much it cuts down on duplicative effort. You don’t have to use one software to send an email, and then repost it on the company intranet, then repost it again on the company Slack.
Sara Colvin
Our previous intranet needed people with specialized expertise to manage. It was crucial for me to be able to run the frontend and backend seamlessly—and I’m not technical. Haystack is easy enough that I feel comfortable managing it on my own, and that was a major selling point.
Kayla Bonin
We were in desperate need of analytics before Haystack. We had no idea which messages were actually landing with employees. Being able to see how many people viewed and engaged with a post over time is amazing.
Maritza Block