Haystack for Growing Teams

From small businesses to enterprise organizations, Haystack is where colleagues, communications, tools, and culture come together.
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Customize everything

Haystack’s flexible platform makes it easy to meet the needs of any team. Add, move, or remove elements and integrations in seconds. No code required.

  • Highlight the content that matters most to your team.
  • Integrate your favorite tools and services.
  • Feature your company brand across the experience.
  • Adjust your dashboard layout anytime.

Connect your coworkers

Get to know your colleagues better and strengthen the working relationships that fuel your organization’s growth.

  • Pronounce names correctly with audio introductions.
  • Connect over shared hobbies and experience.
  • Form groups based on hobbies, skills, and more.
  • Find the people you need instantly with smart search.

Scale company culture

Haystack gives growing companies of all sizes the tools they need to connect employees to their work, their organization, and to one another.

  • Stay in the loop with beautiful employee newsletters.
  • Plan and host in-person and virtual company events.
  • Deliver an engaging employee onboarding experience.
  • Promote exciting company updates in the dashboard.

Bring Your Favorite Tools

Haystack doesn’t compete with your favorite productivity tools—it supercharges them. Instantly connect apps like:

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • Slack
  • Confluence
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Simple and Scalable

Haystack makes it easy to connect your most important resources, so you can focus on growing and thriving.
Company Glossary
You’re growing fast, and your team’s vocabulary is growing along with it. Keep things clear with a glossary.
Rapid Deployment
Launch Haystack to your team in weeks, not months. Our CS team is ready to make your dreams a reality.
Haystack doesn't compete with your favorite tools—it connects and compliments them.
Simple, Up-Front Pricing
No surprises, no hidden fees. Just simple, flexible pricing that scales to fit teams of any size.

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