Consumer-Grade Tools for Modern Teams

What does it mean for a tool to be consumer-grade? We believe the apps and tools you use at work should be just as delightful as the ones you use at home. That philosophy drives Haystack's development.

Experience it Yourself

BuzzFeed uses Haystack to stay connected while working remotely.

NerdWallet uses Haystack to make information more accessible.

Novo uses Haystack to keep its team connected.

Chime uses Haystack to scale communications and culture.

Don't settle for slow and boring.

Haystack brings the best of consumer apps like speed, deligtful design, and a friendly, intuitive interface to work, so employees across your whole organization can look forward to logging in.

Speed matters.

There are numerous ways to measure speed, and we believe they're all important to your team's experience.

  • Access Haystack anytime, anywhere with a beautiful branded iOS, Android, and mobile web apps.
  • Search your entire organization for knowledge, people, and even third-party resources, instantly.
  • Roll Haystack out to your team in weeks, not months.
  • Save time with a lightning-fast, responsive experience.

Make your work tools fun and familiar.

There's no need to spend months learning how to administer a new tool, and years begging employees to use it. Haystack was built to make onboarding simple and fun.

  • Deliver a friendly, and intuitive app experience anyone on the team can pick up right away.
  • View and share vibrant, engaging content that captivates your audience.
  • Encourage your team to keep the tools they love with a comprehensive integration library.

Delight your team at every turn.

Consumer-grade design is more than having something that simply works—it has to be a joy to use.

  • Get to know who your teammates are outside the office with rich personal profiles.
  • Put names to faces (and try for the high score) with the name game.
  • Liven up your day with an emoji confetti cannon.